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Wander Park

Wander Park is vibrant and colorful with every element tailored and customized exclusively for Club S and their members.


Over 30 distinctive and unique play-sets create a completely new and unprecedented playground experience; delighting kids and parents alike, with perfect safety guaranteed by the highest European standards.

Our indoor kids area is designed to promote motor skills and stimulate the imagination as well as social interaction between kids. Your child can play safely while learning.

The shaded outdoor area is perfect for events and birthday parties and is equipped with age-appropriate games and equipment.

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Teenagers Lounge 

Visit our revamped teenage lounge, socialize, meet new people, compete and learn new skills




From summer to winter camps, we offer an array of activities perfect for every child. Our Art & Music activities are sure to spark creativity, while our more physically-oriented activities such as Golf, Tennis, facilitate a social environment for your child to make new friends. We strive to give your kids a space to learn, explore, and grow all in one place. Stay tuned for upcoming camps! 

Art & Music

Give your kids an opportunity to explore their creative side and develop their artistic abilities.


At Brush & Canvas , children can participate in a range of fun art classes and activities; exploring a variety of mediums, from painting to drawing.  Meanwhile, Musica offers a wide selection of music classes for kids of all ages. They can learn how to play instruments such as the piano, guitar, and drums, as well as explore additional musical skills, such as singing. 

So if you're looking to give your kids a chance to develop their artistic skills, look no further than Brush & Canvas & Musica! With their wide selection of classes, you're sure to find classes that are perfect for your kids. Sign them up today, and watch them unleash their creative potential!

For more info contact: +20 127 623 3200

  • Musica
Brush & Canvas 
  • Brush and Canvas
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