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5 Pillars of Self-Love Workshop By Lara Attallah

This workshop by Lara Atallah focuses on helping people achieve a sense of inner peace, success, healthy relationships, and inner alignment.

Lara Atallah guides people to a place of clarity and understanding, where they can make conscious decisions to create a life of fulfillment and joy.


The workshops are a safe space for people to heal and transform. Through her coaching and techniques, people come away with a new perspective on life and a deeper understanding of their purpose.

Know Yourself through Enneagram by Noha Talaat

Monday 27th of Feb, marked the finishing of level 1, module 2 of Know Yourself through Enneagram course with EE coach Noha Talaat. 

Members and their friends got to know their core Enneagram type, their Archetype and their wings and were inspired to learn about how to use the enneagram lines as a direction for personal growth and development.

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