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Warehouse - Functional Fitness Facility

Entering into Warehouse’s colorful and spacious area; based around a unique container concept that features the best and newest machinery available.

Our strength and conditioning equipment is used and endorsed by athletes and advisers from the NBA and NFL. A spectacular opening roof creates a year-round outdoor and indoor space, while healthy, nutritious snacks and shakes can be enjoyed at our juice bar; Refuel right after a workout. 

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Cellblock Gym

At Cellblock gym, we take pride in our exceptional fitness facilities that stand out from the rest, with our state-of-the-art 1300 SQM area; boasting cutting-edge equipment by Life-fitness, Techno Gym, Sorinex and much more.

Cellblock is overlooking the Allegria Golf course, a view like no other. Also featuring a spacious terrace for outdoor exercise.

Additionally, we offer personal training services to help you achieve your fitness needs.

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The Studio

Chameleon-like, our Studio’s character and appearance changes by the hour to suit the activities taking place. We have 3 studios in SODIC West; Club S Allegria, SODIC Sports Club & Forty West. 


Hi-tech audio-visual equipment and an automated lighting system enable a vast array of exercise and wellness activities, along with a fantastic selection of dance, yoga, and pilates classes.

Click HERE to view all SODIC Clubs studio schedules! 

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